Swedish Drivers Occupied RX Lites Podium at Montalegre


Sebastien Eriksson has won the season-opener in Montalegre, Portugal, with a full domination on sunday success.

RX Lites continued its schedule on sunday with Heat 3 and Heat 4 in the morning session. Sebastien Eriksson was the fastest on both heats and collected as many points as possible for semi finals.

After making the best time on semi finals he led the final race from start to finish and won the first ever RX Lites round. Sebastien proved to be the favorite driver on the way to Argentina, where RX Lites Cup winner will drive a Supercar.


Another Eriksson, but not Sebastien’s relative, Kevin finished second. His attack driving style, fast and spectacular technique exhilarated the tens of thousends of people who fillled the grandstands in Montalegre Circuit.


Another Swedish driver Richard Göransson completed the podium with his 3rd place overall.


Yigit Timur from Turkey, driving second on the final lap but lost his position after using his joker lap and came 4th, while Daniel Holt came 5th after forcing hard to get a better place. Alexander Westlund finished 6th and scored his point for the season.

The event in Montalegre was sold out and rallycross fans showed their attention to FIA’s first ever Rallcross Race at World Championship level. Media and spectators were amazed by RX Lites Cars and their performances. Their attention was remarkable both on the track and at the service park.

Next round will be only 3 weeks after Portugal. May 24-25 will be the weekend for second round of RX Lites at Lydden Hill, England. It will surely be an amazing event for RX Lites and it’s new fans.