RX Lites Excited Thousands of Fans in Home of Rallycross


Rain, sun, wind, dust, heat and lots of excitement in front of massive crowds. Short summary of RX Lites Round 2 of 2014 season in Lydden Hill Circuit, UK.

The weekend started with a surprise when it started to rain on satruday morning. Open Practices and first 3 Heats were held on wet surface or even under rain. Richard Göransson clocked the best time with 48.378 seconds in Open Practice session, thanks to his experience on driving different surfaces.


Newcomer to RXLites Cup, Mitchell Dejong from USA gave the first signals of what he is capable on Heat 1. 16 years old young and talented man, drifted his RX Lites on his very first run on European ground to the top and placed himself to first position. Richard Göransson and Sebastien Eriksson followed him.

Winner of Portugal Round of RX Lites, Sebastien Eriksson was not late to answer this attack and came fastest on Heat 2. Kevin Eriksson was folloeing him with a second gap behind.

Last session of saturday, Heat 3 was held on wet surface again and Sebastien Eriksson showed his skills while closing the day at the lead. Former Formula One driver Nelson Piquet Jr, finally warmed his handa up on his RX Lites and finished the heat at second place. His fans were so excited about this rise and this changes on line up was the best indication on what to expect from sunday.

Sunday morning, bright sun and dried track surface were waiting for drivers and as well as more than ten thousend enthusiastic spectators. Sebastien Eriksson clocked 46.711 on open practices and showed the difference between wet and dry surfaces : almost 2 seconds!

Mitchell DeJong was fastest again on Heat 4 and he was followed by Richard Göransson. With this Heat results Sebastien Eriksson collected the most points for the season and Mitchell was just behind him.


First Semi-Final was made up of 5 drivers. The leader Sebastien Eriksson, Richard Göransson, Nelson Piquet Jr, Yigit Timur and Alexander Westlund. Right after start Sebastien Eriksson took the lead while Richard Göransson and Yigit Timur were taking their joker laps. Alexander Westlund retired after touching with Yigit Timur’s RX Lites on right U at the top. Yigit was lucky to continue, loosing half of his front bumper. Richard Göransson was the fastest and the first driver to jump to final. Nelson Piquet Jr and Sebastien Eriksson completed the first three to get to final. Young Turk Yigit Timur couldn’t make it to final this time, as he succeeded in Portugal.

Daniel Holten tried so hard but couldnt make it to final on Semi-Final 2. Mitchell DeJong won, Kevin Eriksson and Daniel Bjork followed him to final.

When it came to final, young American was on the pole position at the start. Mitchell used this advantage very wisely and took the lead on the very first corner and never left it till the end. It was an enormous success for a 16-years-old driver to win on his very first event. He was so excited about the result and said : “Enjoyed every minute of it, so happy with the car and everything.”


Richard Göransson finished second and collected precious points for The Road to Argentina. Daniel Bjork stepped on third and enjoyed the podium ceremony. Finally he was rewarded after working so much on his RX Lites himself. Kevin Eriksson and Sebastien Eriksson finished 4th and 5th respectively. Formula 1 celebrity Nelson Piquet Jr, couldnt finish the race due to failure of his engine.

After second round Sebastien Eriksson is still leading the series. Richard Göransson is on second position but now there is only 2 points between them. Kevin Eriksson is still on third.

Next round of RX Lites will be organised in Kouvola, Finland on 28-29 June weekend. After first 2 rounds of the season, Finland will be more and more excited for the Rallycross fans and as well as the drivers.

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