RX Lites Season Final in IstanbulPark, Turkey


RXLites 2014 season is just about to end with TurkeyRX at Intercity IstanbulPark Circuit this weekend. 10 drivers will be competing in this brand new circuit which has hosted Formula 1 once. Gravel parts has added to turn 12,13 and 14 of the original F1 track.

The schedule of the weekend starts with open practices on saturday at 11:00. Heat1 and Heat2 will be held also on saturday and starts at 14:30. Sunday’s timetable starts again with open practices at 09:30. Heat3 and Heat4 will be run at 11:00. Semifinals at 14:30 and the very last race of the season will be at 15:00.

Intercity IstanbulPark management prepared some additional entertainment activities such as drift shows, simulators and as well as training packs trough the weekend.

Kevin Eriksson has already guaranteed his crown way back in Italy but he will be joining the action this weekend too. No doubt that Kevin will force it to the top once again. Kevin Hansen Jr. , Sebastien Eriksson and winner of the previous round in ItalyRX Daniel Holten will be forcing the podium chances. Yigit Timur, young Turk, with the advantage of racing in his home soil, will try his chance to end the season at top three. His teammate Fatih Kara is also another fast and experienced name for this weekend’s show.

Janis Baumanis at the steer of his RX Lites for the first time will be using his experience from this season where he had successsfully raced in S1600 class. Joacim Hvaal will be representing Hvaal Racing again in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mikaela Ahlin-Kotulinsky is joining the grid once again after her great appearance in Sweden. She seems motivated for another final race. Sandra Hultgren is another young and fast lady to force the final grid since she is one of the regulars for RX Lites.

RX Lites Team will be on duty once again to share the action live with all rallycross enthusiasts. You can simply follow us on social media accounts to get the latest updates, flashing news and as well as great photos from the venue. Our account is @RXLites and it’s same on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for more…