A Few Words With RX Lites 2014 Champion Kevin Eriksson


RX Lites 2014 season has ended with its final round in Intercity IstanbulPark Circuit this weekend. Kevin Eriksson has already started to accept celebrations even before the final round since he secured his title with the points he gathered in Italy. He made a good pace and came fourth in Istanbul and extended his lead. We caught him up to ask a few questions just before he left  for a city tour of Istanbul with his family.

Kevin, first of all congratulations for your success. How was the season for you, what is your opinion about the series?

K.E. I think RX Lites is the hardest, most competitive, toughest series of all time. You never know who will win and you have to learn more and more to get faster. I’ve learnt a lot this year. To be the champion is really an awesome feeling. Now I’m looking for the next races.

What was the best moment of the season for you?

K.E. Of course it was in Italy, when I won the Championship. It was a really nice feeling to know that I won it. I never won a championship in my life and to win the first ever RX Lites title is a big relief. I felt so proud of myself.


We know you have a full support from your family, how would you feel about that?

K.E. It’s very important to have their support. My father knows what to do since he is so experienced. My mother was always there for me and supported me on every moment of the season. And also the team, everyone at the team, they are my family too. Always felt their support and it really helped me to reach where I want to be.

You are also a member of the team as a mechanic. Do you think it’s an advantage while you’re out there racing?

K.E. Of course I learnt more when I work on the car more than I drive the car. I know how the systems work, how they function. When I make a mistake, I know what to check, what to change on the car and how that affects my driving. And also that’s where I want to be, I like being in the team and being a part of it. These are all an advantage when you go race on that circuit.

You follow more than one championship. How that affects your life? How about your school or the things you sacrifice to be in the game?

K.E. Well, it’s not so easy you know. But I get it on. I spoke to my teacher and principal and they gave me free time to follow the championship. I know I miss a lot of classes but I can catch with extra study by myself. It’s not only math or language classes what I study. It’s also body work and that’s what I do when I’m out here.


You’ll be driving a superCar in Argentina where the final round of WorldRX will be held. How do you feel about that and furthermore how about your future plans?

K.E. First of all about Argentina, that will be a really big thing, new experience driving a SuperCar with super stars. I’ve been looking up to it for my whole life. For the rest, I dont know how things will be. Of course I’d like to drive a SuperCar but that’s what I have to talk to my father first and only then we come up with a certain plan. That’s what we will see what happens but of course about my future, I’m wishing to drive a SuperCar.

Thank you so much for your time and we all wish you luck in Argentina and on upcoming seasons as well.