SuperCar Lites Met Fans at Autosport International Show


Autosport International – The Racing Car Show has hosted more than 700 exhibitors and around 28000 visitors on its 25th year anniversary on last weekend in Birmingham,UK. Leading manufacturers from all around the world in motorsports bussiness had chance to meet professionals and as well as racing enthusiasts during the exhibition days. The event brings the high-performance engineering sector together on the eve of the new season, presenting significant networking opportunities and a platform to see the sport’s latest developments.

First Corner Ltd. presented its SuperCar Lites after its success which was achieved in inaugural season of FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy. Visitors have paid enormous attention to the car and spent so much time at First Corner booth on exhibiting hours.
First RXLites Champion Kevin Eriksson and Scandinavian RallyX Champion Sebastian Eriksson was at the stand along with 2014 WorldRX Teams Champion Olsbergs MSE Team Director Andreas Eriksson and Avitas Motorsports Director Halid Avdagic. Visitors had the opportunity to ask as many questions as they like about SuperCar Lites and received technical information with also some experiences from the drivers.
There were also some well-known names made a visit to SuperCar Lites during the show. One of them was World Rally legend Stig Blomqvist and he kindly showed his attention to the car and the worldwide project which underways on following seasons.
RX Lites 2015 season will start in Montalegre, Portugal. The schedule raised up to 7 races this year and after withdrawal of Finland, Norway and Spain are added to the list. Intercontinental RX Lites Challenge will again be organised in Canada.