Entry List for RallyX On Ice Premiere in Höljes.


The entry list for the premiere event of the RallyX On Ice series is now ready to be launched. Thirteen cars are entered for the first event in Höljes.

The drivers represented in the first round comes from a wide range of experience. World RX star Andreas Bakkerud and Global Rallycross Champion Joni Wiman will go head to head with the Swedish stars. Swedish Champion Sebastian Eriksson is joined by touring car driver Richard Göransson in the hunt of the international stars. Supercar Lites regulars such as Sandra Hultgren, Kevin Eriksson and Simon Olofsson is also set to start in the first event in the new series on ice.


The first event will also have the heavily experienced rallycross legend Per Eklund. Eklund who won the first winter race in Höljes in 1976 now is set to go back to honor the fortieth anniversary of Finnskoga MK.

Also Höljes will be the first event for the former Super1600 driver Janis Baumanis from Latvia and for Swedish folkrace star Tobias Svärd. Both fairly unexperienced on ice with Lites cars but still very interesting to follow.

Entry list RallyX On Ice Höljes 7th February

Andreas Bakkerud
Janis Baumanis
Alexander Westlund
Simon Olofsson
Sandra Hultgren
Tobias Svärd
Joni Wiman
Richard Göransson
Kevin Eriksson
Sebastian Eriksson
Per Eklund
Tomas Holmen
Joakim Hvaal