Sebastian Eriksson Takes First RallyX-On-Ice Victory


Sebastian Eriksson from Sunnemo in Värmland took the first victory in Rally X On Ice. The Swedish Supercar Champion from 2014 were impossible to beat on homeground in Höljes.
“It is an awesome feeling to bo the first ever winner of a rx on ice event.” said the smiling Sebastian Eriksson just moments after the final.

Behind Eriksson who almost won the World RX event in Höljes 2014 the fight were action packed. Touring-car driver Richard Göransson who had dominated the qualifying heats were challenged to the first corner by the impressing rookie Tobias Svärd. The two of them were neck to neck and they entered the first corner in a massive cloud of snow. Göransson came out on top and with him the flying Finn Joni Wiman hooked on to third place.


Former-WRC driver Thomas Rådström also made his way to the final and in his RX Lites dayview managed a solid fifth place overall. Rådström battled hard against Rallycross-legend Per Eklund earlier in the day and the fight was one of the highlights during the event.


Latvian super-1600 driver Janis Baumanis made an impressing first event on ice. Baumanis adapted fast to the conditions and made some blistering moves to get a place in the final. Baumanis’ final ended in a snowbank after just one lap but still a very impressing first go for the Latvian star. Swedish folkrace-driver Tobias Svärd also made it to the final in his first ever event in a four-wheel drive car. On his way to the final he was the only man to beat the superior Sebastian Eriksson who came out on top at the end of the standings.

The event in Höljes also had the fantastic oppurtunity of some classic cars. Petter Solberg in a Ford Escort and Stian Hafsengen in the Ford RS200 pleased the crowds with some classic sideways action for the crowds.

Results RallyX-On-Ice Höljes.
1.Sebastian Eriksson – Sweden
2.Richard Göransson – Sweden
3.Joni Wiman – Finland
4.Tobias Svärd – Sweden
5.Thomas Rådström – Sweden
6.Janis Baumanis – Latvia