Reinis Nitiss Unstoppable In Karlstad

Rallycross photos © QNIGAN.COM 2015

In the second round of the RallyX On Ice Championship Latvian RX-Star Reinis Nitiss stormed to his dayview win in the STCC AB powered championship. World RX bronze medalist Nitiss made his way to the final by beating fellow Latvian driver Janis Baumanis and Simon Olofsson. The final was a tough competition. Both drivers made a few mistakes on the way but in the end Nitiss came through to his first victory.
“I made a few mistakes in the final, but when I noticed that Kevin also were in trouble, the victory was home” said Nitiss.
Rallycross photos © QNIGAN.COM 2015

The other contender in the final Kevin Eriksson impressed on his way through to the final beating double world rally champion Marcus Grönholm. The fight between Eriksson and Grönholm came to a close call separating the two of them with only seven hundredths of a second. Eriksson made an impressing way to the final but the success immediately came to an holt against Nitiss.
“I´m satisfied with every thing except the final” said Kevin after the final.

Behind the youngsters in the final the otherwise action-packed event presented lots of action. Höljes winner Sebastian Eriksson was the man to beat after the qualifying-heats. Eriksson’s event then came to a surprising end with a roll in the semifinal.
Rallycross photos © QNIGAN.COM 2015

The evening was full of fun surprises in the qualifying. Young-gun Simon Olofsson almost snatched Markus Grönholm on a victory in the first round of heats. Olofsson then ended his event stuck in a snowbank in the second heat-round.

Results RallyX On Ice Karlstad
1.Reinis Nitiss, Latvia
2.Kevin Eriksson, Sweden
3.Marcus Grönholm, Finland
4.Sebastian Eriksson, Sweden.