Kevin Hansen To Drive A SuperCar In Argentina


RXLites Cup Champion Kevin Hansen is preparing for his prize Supercar drive at the final round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the TOTAL Rallycross of Argentina, driving a Ford Olsbergs MSE run Ford Fiesta Supercar.

Sweden’s Hansen tested for the team at Loheac in France this week, where he completed 40 laps. “It’s been great fun and I really enjoyed it. I have driven a few laps before in a Supercar, but this was my first real full test day. It gave us a good start, and I have learnt how this car works,” explained Hansen.

The test took place in wet conditions in France, where Hansen was able to immediately draw direct comparisons between the RXLites car and a World RX Supercar and he looks towards his debut next week.

“In RXLites you need to get everything perfect all the time. In a Supercar with so much power, you have more to work with if you miss the line a bit – you can still manage to keep the speed up. The Supercar is easier to drive in many ways, but everything happens SO much faster. It’s an explosion when you hit the throttle, and you need to find a good rhythm to get the gear changes and driving perfect. It will be hard and challenging, but also great fun. My main target is to get as many laps as I can on a consistent level, and try to find the speed to be in a semi-final fight. And from there everything can happen,” explained Hansen.

OMSE team principle Andreas Eriksson was pleased with how Hansen drove at the test. “Kevin drove well and without mistakes in tricky conditions. I am looking forward to see him in action in Argentina. It’s great to see new and talented drivers grow up in rallycross now. Kevin did a good job in RXLites all year. He showed that RXLites helps you grow up as a driver,” he said.