RXLites Champion Kevin Hansen At The Start Grid For Final Race In Argentina


After winning the title for 2015 RXLites Cup as support event for FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, Kevin Hansen came to Rosario, Argentina for his prize drive with a Ford Fiesta SuperCar.

After cancellations on the first day in Rosario due to heavy dust which causes unsafe conditions, the schedule squeezed to sunday. It was started as normal but after a couple of races, the surface dried out and the dust became a problem once again. The organiser decided to cancel Heat4 and the classification after Heat3 formed the Semi-Final start grids.

Having the title of “The youngest driver ever competed in the WorldRX” as he was only 17 years and 183 days old on the raceday in Argentina, Kevin Hansen used this opportunity he won on each race and raised his speed up. As he qualified for the final race after finishing the Semi Final2 on 3rd position, one of the most awaited encounter of the weekend became possible. Kevin’s older brother and WorldRX title contender Timmy Hansen were both competing in a final race for the first time. But possibly the worst thing happened at the final race. Timmy hit Kevin after trying to get back to track and lost the vision under heavy dust clouds.


Kevin was happy after the race: “It’s been really a fun weekend.I had good heats, set times in top 10 all the time and managed to get to semi-final. It was not easy to climb to final race because it was so dusty and couldnt see anything. I really tried my best to do what I could do all weekend and I think after winning the championship in Italy and coming here is already a big thing. I think I did good.”

How about the impact of RXLites experience on SuperCar? Kevin replied: “It’s different but actually RXLites is the basic SuperCar. You learn your 4 wheel drive skills there with less power but when you switch to SuperCar with more power, it’s even easier. I found RXLites experienece as a training for future”

The second season for RXLites series is over with Kevin Hansen’s prize drive in Argentina. 2016 calendar will be revealed later in December and RXLites will keep creatinf future rallycross stars.