2016 RX Lites Season Starts In Hockenheimring


Opening round of RX Lites 2016 season will be held in Hockenheimring, Germany on 6-8 May. The race weekend is hosting also 2nd round of FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy and DTM under a joint schedule.

RX Lites will be visiting the legendary motorsports venue and Germany for the first time. The tight schedule of the weekend forced the organisers to extend racedays through Friday. First practices and 2 qualifying races will be done on friday. Last 2 qualifies, semi-finals and final race will be on Saturday for RX Lites. It’s a special occasion for all parties of the weekend because of its nature as one of a kind.

After stepping up to SuperCars, Kevin Eriksson and Kevin Hansen will not be on the entry lists this season. Under the absence of two Champions, there will be new names to challenge eachother to be the next title winner.

Previous season’s flashing name Thomas Bryntesson is the strongest candidate to be on the podium. But, it will definitely not be easy for the young Norwegian to grab the trophy this year. FFSA backed Cyril Raymond – who was on the podium in Canada and Barcelona last year- and Kenyan youngster Tejas Hirani from Olsbergs MSE squad will be in the game. Jocahim Hvaal from JC Race Teknik will be forcing his limits to get a better result than last year he had. His teammate, a newcomer, Sondre Evjen needs a few laps to get used to the atmosphere .

There will be RX Lites regulars such as Alexander Westlund, Simon Wago Syversen and Simon Olofsson on the track this weekend. No doubt that these overbold young drivers will be driving to the limits to be on the podium too. The new Turkish driver Ayhancan Guven will join the family under Toksport WRT’s tent and get some more experience on the car this weekend.

Germany’s famous motorsports comentator for Sports1 TV channel Patrick Simon is the wildcard name for Hockenheim round. His fun and energetic personality will add lots of joy to the season-opener.


You can follow the event on RX Lites social media accounts with the name #RXLites and as well as live timings and current standings on our website: rxlites.com/results

Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg Facts:
• Length: 1,24 km
• Asphalt: 60 % – Gravel: 40%
• Jump : none
• Lap Record: 43″.764s (shorter track)
• Top Speed: 170 kph
• Hardest braking point : Turn 2 (From 170 to 80 km/h)
• Joker lap Handicap: between 0,5 & 1 sec

RX Lites Entry List / Round 1