Second Win In A Row For Thomas Bryntesson At MettetRX


Small town of Southern Belgium, Mettet has hosted FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy this weekend. Cold and windy weather couldn’t stop rallycross fans to come to Jules Tacheny Race Circuit. MettetRX was also the home for 2nd round of RX Lites 2016 series.

The schedule started with the drivers’ draw for the first qualifying grid on Friday. 3 qualifying sessions were held on Saturday where 4th session, semi-finals and the final race on Sunday. The competition level was so high that it was impossible to guess the winner on each race.

Thomas Bryntesson was the name of the winner once again. It was his second win in a row in 2 weeks after HockenheimRX. Despite the young Norwegian struggled on qualifying races, he managed to be the winner at the end. He could only placed himself at the 5th position at the Intermediate Standings after rolling his car upside down for the first time since he started RX Lites, last year. Thomas started the final race at the front row but couldn’t defend his position. It was his smart strategy and patience to help him to win the Belgium round.


Simon Olofsson finished second after Cyril Raymond’s exclusion by the Race Stewards. Simon is back after missing the full season in 2015 and it seems he got his speed and pace rapidly. Joachim Hvaal, once again finished in 3rd position and secured his place among the leading names of the season.


Sondre Evjen is one of the shining names of the weekend. He stormed in to the weekend, won races, Qualifying 2 and even semi-final 2. He started the final race at the pole position and more to that, had laps as race leader. But he lost his advantage after the clash with Cyril Raymond at the left U turn in front of the lower part of the track. Cyril Raymond’s exclusion by the race Stewards on this incident didn’t help Sondre to get his position back. and could finish at 4th place.

Another fast name of the weekend was Simon Syversen of Norway. He won the first qualifying session and kept his pace trough the day. A small touch on the final race led him to retire after having flat tire but he managed to grab some points from the final race as well.

Young Kenyan driver Tejas Hirani couldn’t find what he expected from the weekend. He had several fast lap times but this didn’t help him to race in final race. Same as Alexander Westlund. Alex struggled with mechanical issues and this slowed him down and kept him out of the final group.


Belgium’s young talent Regis Gosselin tried his best during the weekend on his home soil. He recieved enormous support from the spectators at the grandstands and this motivation helped him to have fast lap times. Regis joined the RX Lites family after winning the Talent Search supported by RACB which recieved around 180 applications in the country. To be the winner among these participants already showed that Regis has some skills and more to that, he enjoyed the weekend at the steer of an RX Lites.


One of the remarkable moments of the weekend was the attention of rallycross fans to autograph session on saturday. There was a long queue for the drivers to get an autographed  photo.


After the 2nd round of 2016 season, overall standings are started to shape. Thomas Bryntesson is leading with 2 wins. Cyril Raymond is holding the 2nd place where Joachim Hvaal at 3rd.

The 3rd and the next round of RX Lites Championship will be organised in Lydden Hill England, where the rallycross was born. There are only 2 weeks left for this incredible challenge and it is going to be an another milestone for the RX Lites history.